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Hep C Positive has assembled a group of stable, reliable and consistent patients, of a variety of ages and experiences, who can be available to participate in any appropriate patient research study. Everybody in this group has been interviewed for research cohort suitability and, within reason, is happy to help out with YOUR work as this kind of work will help others in the future. If you need UNIQUE ACCESS to a ready and willing group of people to participate in YOUR research study then please contact us NOW at: OR


For patients and participants

Hep C Positive

Hep C Positive, in partnership with Liver4Life, is dedicated to the care and wellbeing of people who are affected by the hepatitis C virus, viral hepatitis and other liver diseases. By working together we can help each other in trying to manage these complicated and challenging conditions. Essentially, we can support each other to cope with illness in order to cope with it ourselves.

Dear Supporter,

Subject: News on clinical research opportunities

Many of our members have expressed an interest in taking part in research studies, and many organisations have also shown a desire to work with us to promote new clinical research and disseminate the findings from existing studies. Therefore HEP C POSITIVE, in partnership with Liver4Life, has agreed to keep our members updated with opportunities and news of clinical research, when we are approached by companies. This may include details of new clinical trials.

If you would like to learn more about current research projects involving hepatitis C, viral hepatitis and/or liver disease, or have any questions, please contact us by telephone or email on:

Hep C Positive Direct: 07812 479332

Liver4Life: 08000 74 34 94

If you are keen for research organisations to contact you directly about upcoming news, and are happy to share personal contact details, please fill in the form accompanying this letter. Please note, this is entirely optional.

Yours faithfully,

Philip Spalding, Founder Hep C Positive and Richard Hall, Co-Founder Liver4Life | Registered Charity in England & Wales: 1152618 Registered Address: Holme Cottage, Croft Road, Neacroft, Dorset BH23 8JS




I agree to my details being shared by HEP C POSITIVE and/or LIVER4LIFE with organisations conducting research in liver disease only.
Please note, Hep C Positive and Liver4Life will never share your details with any other third parties without your prior permission.