Our Mission

Hep C Positive aims to provide support and information to those people whose lives are affected by the Hepatitis C virus.

By working together we can help each other to face the challenges laid down before us in combating and trying to manage this clever and complicated illness … essentially … we can help each other to cope in order to cope with it ourselves …



The Hep C Positive project started as a community based support group in Swindon.

Formed by an enthusiastic nucleus of volunteers in August 2011 (first meeting Oct 24th 2011) and was supported by the Swindon Borough Council Community Safety Partnership on the agreed basis that it would be a non-professional, voluntarily run and attended peer support group. It’s important to recognise that to be all ‘inclusive’ we had to lay down a primary guiding principle, which is that we welcome group attendance from anyone ‘whose life is affected by the Hepatitis C virus’.

We recognise that everybody in our communities is affected by this issue so it’s important that we are all as well informed as possible. Patients, partners, carers, professionals, family, friends and the plain curious … ALL ARE MADE WELCOME!!!


The Present

The Hep C Positive support group has since gone on to develop into a very effective community based HCV support model.

Covering all aspects of managing issues concerning Hepatitis C … Patient and Peer Support, HCV Awareness and Education, Advocacy, Media, Networking and Coordination with other services, companies and individuals in the HCV field.

HEP C POSITIVE : Welcome to our project ... Please come inside!!!